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Silverton, OR

Abiqua Landscape Products

We Have Your Landscape Ground Covered


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We carry a wide range of products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes for gardening, landscaping, bedding, mud control and road maintenance. 

Our most popular products are shown below. Please call or stop by for more information on products.

Fir Bark:

Fir Bark Dust will protect your plants while adding beauty to your landscape.

It helps retain water in hot months and insulates during the cold months and helps with weed control. Fir has a good smell and helps improve soil texture.

Fresh (red) are available.

Hemlock Bark:

Hemlock has a dark, rich look that has a great smell. Hemlock tends to be durable and essentially is sliver free. It will protect your plants while adding beauty to your landscape. Like Fir, it helps retain water in the hot months and insulates plants in the winter months. Fresh hemlock is also available, this is red in color.

Organic Compost:

Our Compost is great for amending soil for lawns or flowerbeds, or just putting on top of the ground to mulch in as you plant. Compost will improve your soil texture and will give you a more natural look. Certified "weed-free" and OMRI listed

Soil Mix:

Our Soil Mix is a two way blend of organic compost and topsoil so whether you’re improving your vegetable or flower garden, renovating your lawn or starting a new landscape from scratch, or top dressing your lawn after aeration, Abiqua’s soil mix is the perfect material for you.

Sawdust and Shavings:

Our products and services are the most cost-effective around for stall

bedding and arena cooling. Our bedding is stored under cover to keep it dry. Our 5-unit truck is the push out style, which means we can put your product in your barn or storage area, call for height restrictions.

Recommended Uses -

Sawdust and Shavings are primarily used as animal bedding.

Blueberry Farmers also use sawdust as the preferred mulch for their crops.

Application - Top dress blue berry plants 1”-4” thick.

Wood Chips:

They are great for under play structures, to use for garden paths and walkways, or dog kennels.

Hazelnut Shells:

Beautiful, long-lasting low maintenance product. Great for ground cover, paths, helps control weeds. Keeps slugs & snails out of your garden. 

Cedar Hog Fuel:

Hog Fuel is primarily used for mud control in areas such as dog runs, barn yards, pathways and playgrounds.

Bulk Rock and Gravel:

Bulk Rock refers to processed rock like gravel, sand and round rock.

Round rock is the ideal rock for a French drain or where drainage is the main application. Rock driveways usually call for a crushed product with fines (referred to as MINUS, as in ¾" minus) as it packs down better than a product that has no fines in it. Sand can be used in sand boxes, outdoor volleyball courts, potting mixes, and in masonry projects. It can also be used under pavers or flagstone.