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Silverton, OR

Abiqua Landscape Products

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Mud Control

Posted on November 10, 2017 at 12:10 PM Comments comments (39)
The rains of winter in Oregon have arrived! And you know what that means...


Lots of it.

Wether your home is in our quaint little town of Silverton, or out in the beautiful hills of the Willamette Valley, mud sneaks its ways into the cracks of our boots, and into our homes.

In the yard, excess mud can cause loose soil, messy pathways and garden areas. It can also cause runoff of sediments and nutrients and contaminate surface water. Mud is also a big problem for horses and their caretakers.

Abiqua Landscape Products can help!

Our Cedar Hog Fuel, Gravel and even our Round River Rock are great options to help control mud.

These products can be used to prevent mud in stables, yards, driveways, chicken coops and even dog runs!

Delivery options are always available. Give us a call today as let us help you solve your mud problems.

Our office is open Monday through Saturday.